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lway in Vietnam starts final test runs08-▓02-2018 08:51 BJTHANOI, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam's ▓first urban railway, constructed by China Railway Sixth Group Co. Ltd, started final test runs on Wednesday.The ▓Cat Linh-Ha Dong urban rail line in Vietnam's Hanoi capi▓tal started test runs with full electricity system on Wednesday. Over 100 representatives from Vietn

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坥reign news agencies in Vietnam and from the Chinese contractor boarded a four-carriage train to experien▓ce and evaluate its operation.As the air-conditio▓ned green train smoothly moved on track, passenger▓s turned more and more excited."It is very cool, clean and well-organized. I am so ha▓ppy that I was one of its first informal passengers," Tran Tuan Hiep, a 37-year-old staff of a new▓s agency in Hanoi told Xinhua about his first impression.Inside the China-made train, there are designated areas for people with mobility disa▓bilities. Seats for the elderly, p

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